What is  Clinical Pilates?

clinical pilates™ was created by dma founder Craig Phillips over 25 years ago.Clinical Pilates consists of research based diagnostic and treatment techniques, utilising specialised clinical Pilates equipment such as the reformer, trapeze table and wunda chair.

clinical pilates is:

  • An individually tailored treatment method
  • Used in conjunction with mainstream physiotherapy techniques
  • Provided by the most highly trained physiotherapists in the field
  • Unique and very different from the generic or Fitness Pilates
  • Designed to find and fix the root cause of an injury, not just the injury itself.

How can clinical pilates help me?

  • Reduce pain and safely manage your injury
  • Correct poor mechanics that underlie injuries
  • Greater resistance to injury
  • Training your muscle groups to help your body to work safely and more efficiently
  • An overall feeling of  physical wellbeing, with improved posture, balance and motor control.

clinical pilates is ideal for rehabilitation, preventing further injury and for general health and well-being.

Our purpose designed, state-of-the-art studio provides a safe, controlled and accessible environment for all ages and physical abilities.

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