Our diabetes-specific class started as just that – for those with diabetes. Now it has turned into one of our most popular classes attended by those who are affected by the disease, as well as those who aren’t. The self-styled ‘geri-gym’ now has its own soundtrack provided by a group member and most of the group head out for a coffee after together after a session to celebrate a job well done.

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The format of the class is a circuit consisting of an ever-changing array of high intensity, functional, stability, motor control and balance drills. For those with diabetes, interval training is overwhelmingly supported by research as helping to improve blood sugar management and reducing need for medications. For those without diabetes, this form of training improves something called your V02max, which is your ability to use oxygen and the primary indicator of your fitness. The type of exercise revolves around correct function and also works to reduce injury risk and rehabilitate current aches and pains. This is a class we love to teach and our clients love coming to.