Lungs In Action Class

Our ‘lungs’ class is designed for those living with long-term respiratory disease. Many of those in our group have come from hospital-led pulmonary rehabilitation groups but this is not a pre-requisite for joining. Some of our clients do not have a problem with breathing at all, but love the social environment of the class and benefit greatly from the exercise.

The class is run by a physiotherapist in a circuit style and exercise intensity is self-directed. You can work as hard as you want within your capabilities. Of course respiratory conditions affect people of all ages, so each of our exercises can be scaled to make it more or less challenging depending on your cardiovascular and physical capabilities.

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Our current class ranges from those in their mid-50s to the ripe old age of 91! The class is also an excellent social and support group for those living with respiratory conditions. There is no up-front payment or commitment and you can attend once or twice weekly. The benefits of the class are best experienced first-hand so come and try it anytime.