Pre-Pointe Assessments and Dance Assessments

Did you know we provide specialized services for dancers - including Pre-Pointe Assessments?

It takes someone pretty special to be a dancer.

It is a disciple that requires a huge amount of commitment, determination and strength. Dancers spend their days setting goals, overcoming challenges and innovating, to push themselves to be the best they can be.

We understand, because that’s what we do at Phyx You Physiotherapy.

We go above and beyond to help people live healthy and active lives - and achieve their goals.

The transition to dancing "en-pointe" is a big step and it’s important to be sure it is safe to make this transition. Although it seems like a natural advancement, the timing of when this happens is crucial.

Too early and there is a risk of damaging growth plates at the ends of the bones, too late and the dancer may not be able to catch up with the rest of the class.

How we can help

Leah and Sarah are two of our most experienced physiotherapists. They have been specifically trained to conduct detailed pre-pointe assessments. They create training programs to correct individual biomechanics and technical elements prior to going onto pointe.

They work with dancers to assess whether they are ready to commence pointe work and ensure the lowest risk of injury.

Initial Assessment

We will assess the dancer in detail to determine their readiness for pointe.

This includes a detailed history of their dancing and injuries, assessing pointe range, foot control, turnout range and pelvic stability, core control and the application of all of these in basic ballet steps.

Post Assessment

After the assessment, we will provide the dancer – and their teacher – with a report, outlining what was seen and prescribed. The dancer will be given a set of exercises to work on to help them achieve their goals.

All our Pre Pointe and Dance Assessment consultations are one hour long, allowing us the ability to spend quality time with the dancer and enable a thorough assessment, treatment (if necessary) and tailored exercise program development.

While our assessments are detailed and specific, our aim is to never make a dancer feel small or incompetent – just the opposite! We want to empower them with the knowledge and tools that they need to succeed.

Whether the dancer is a beginner or transitioning to en-pointe – right through to elite or professional dancers, we can help.

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